Resin Repair

Chipping can be a real problem for anybody. Not only does the chip itself cause major problems with whatever has been chipped, but it also looks bad, it can also be a dangerous problem in future. A chip can also lead to larger and more dangerous cracks later on. For that reason, it is important to get a chip repaired as soon as possible after it occurs. If the chip or crack begins to appear in a pipe then it would be a good idea to get the pipe replaced rather than trying to keep the broken pipe in place for as long as possible, a replacement pipe could be one that has undergone centreless grinding. If a chip or crack appears in a windscreen then it could be a good idea to get a resin repair of the windscreen.

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Resin Repair Really Simplifies Things

But glass chip repair does not need to be a problem. The development in recent years of the resin repair systems means that repairing chips in windscreens has become a much simpler process than it used to be, so simple infact that you could do it yourself with the appropriate quipment, it's always a good idea to contact a supplier that specialises in providing such unique pieces of equipment like Drill bits and bolts etc. It is important when working with any material that you have the right tools and power tool accessories. Replacing entire windscreens due to one chip was not so unusual in the past, but resin repair means that replacement only really occurs in cases of very severe damage these days.

How it Works

Resin repair is actually a very simple way of repairing chips in a car windscreen. All car windscreens are laminated these days, which means that they consist of two layers of glass, which are bonded together by a plastic membrane. This means that when a small object such as pebble or piece of gravel strikes the windscreen, it will not shatter.

This happens because the damaged glass sticks to the laminate, with the membrane preventing the damage from spreading across the whole windscreen. This also makes the chip very easy to repair, with a skilled mechanic able to carry it out in minutes.

The first step to fixing the chip is to make sure that the affected area is clean and tidy, with no debris floating around. Next, it is important to suck all the air out of the affected area. This is done by using a small vacuum. Once the air has been sucked out of the area around the chip, clear windscreen resin needs to be injected into it. The suction on the vacuum is then reversed, and its force applied to the resin to make it fill the damaged space.

The next stage is to make sure that the resin is resilient and properly shines. This is done by covering the chip with a UV film, and then using ultraviolet light to harden the resin. Once the resin has been hardened to a suitable level, then the repaired area is polished to make the repair complete, leaving the windscreen almost as good as new.

This simple method makes the windscreen look good as new, and usually takes only a few minutes. indeed, a skilled mechanic can usually complete the whole process inside 10 minutes.

Cool with Cash

In the UK, such repairs are also usually covered by a motorist's insurance policy. Having a repair carried out via your insurance also does not generally affect a no claims bonus either. This means that getting a glass chip repair job carried out is really no hassle on a financial level either.

So next time your windscreen suffers a chip, do not delay. Speak to someone about how the resin repair process can get your windscreen back to its full glory.